• Renewable, clean and
    profitable energy

  • Flexible solutions suitable
    for all roof types

  • Proper module design
    for field applications

  • High energy production
    with sun tracking systems

Energy Storage

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
SCHMID Energy Systems offers stationary energy storage solutions using the powerful Vanadium Redox Flow Technology. The portfolio ranges from battery containers for commerce and industry, off-grid applications for telecommunications or rural areas, to large-scale storage parks for utilities.

Compact Storage:
The solution for small power applications: Compact design and small footprint for easy building installation in laboratories, residential applications or telecommunications.

Container Storage:
Containerized VRFB allows for fast installation, safe operation, controlled environment and easy extension and upgrade anywhere around the world.

Large Scale Storage:
The power supply of complex industrial facilities and residential districts make high demands on integrated energy storage. For large scale applications with a capacity requirement of 200kW and more, we assist in planning and integration.

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